Discover all the secrets of Vienna in two days

The European continent is full of cities, landscapes and unknown corners that would amaze anyone. For a reason, Europe is one of the continents most visited by tourists from all over the world. In this case, We will help you discover the best of Vienna in two days. Ready to travel to a place full of history?

Vienna, a city of history

St. Charles Church in Vienna

Vienna, like many of the main European capitals, occupies many volumes of history books. The city, which has its origins in the time of the Celts, in 500 BC, is today a European metropolis that has survived wars, disputes and evolutions.

The most decisive years that pushed Vienna to be the city we know now occurred at the end of the Middle Ages, from the capture of Constantinople by the Turks and the subsequent war. Centuries later,Vienna was besieged and fell into the hands of Emperor Napoleon.

Throughout the twentieth century, Austria was the site of major European conflicts, but also of an immense artistic explosion that is reflected in most of its monuments and works. Alreadyin 1955 Austria was constituted as a sovereign state and Vienna becomes its largest city.

Get to know Vienna in two days

After this little history class about Austria, it's time to make a list of how we can make the most of our stay there. Get ready because Seeing Vienna in two days requires organization and, above all, eager. We start!

Day 1: Vienna classics

Hofburg Palace in Vienna

The first thing to be clear about visiting Vienna in two days is that we will not be able to see everything, but the essential thing. Vienna is planted with palaces and story gardens, but also interesting museums. There will be no time for everything, but if we organize ourselves well we will be able to take the best memories of Vienna.

To start the day we recommend you visit the cathedral of San Stephan. It is one of the symbols of Vienna. Imposing, huge and striking. From its tower, which we advise you to climb, you can enjoy the best views of the city.

Continuing through the treasures of Vienna, you must visit Hofburg Palace. This is the palace where the royal family lived for six hundred years in the times of maximum splendor of Austria. You can visit the Imperial Apartments and the Sissi Museum. You will be amazed by its rooms and gardens!

If you have time, visit the Austrian National Library, one of the most beautiful in the world. Also take the opportunity to stroll through the historic center and the Town Hall, the famous Vienna Opera House, the Parliament or the Schonbrunn Palace, another royal residence.

Day 2: museums and shopping in Vienna

Natural History Museum in Vienna

To end our trip through Vienna in two days, We recommend you to take advantage of the best museums from the city. If you have not been able to see anything from the first day, add it to your tour. Although the city is large, you can see Vienna in two days, thanks to public transport!

Fortunately, in the center of Vienna there are very interesting museums. For example,you can tour the Natural History museum and that of Art History. Or if you love art, you can go to the museum district and visit the Mumok and Leopold.

To finish the second day with a flourish,enjoy some shopping by Kärntnerstrasse, the commercial pedestrian street of Vienna. To eat something fast, try their typical hot dogs.

If you still have time before returning home, take the opportunity to walk through the Hundertwasserhaus. They are the most characteristic buildings in Vienna: blocks of colors and really curious shapes. How to immerse yourself in a fantasy story.

«The streets of Vienna are paved with culture; those of other cities with asphalt. »

-Karl Krauss-

We have many things in the air to enjoy Vienna in two days. Everything will depend on your ability to take advantage of the time there and whether you like intense or relaxed trips. But Do not doubt that it will be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy Vienna!

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