Halloween at the amusement parks, you'll be scared!

Overtime beings, ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons make up the theme of the month of October. During this time we will be able to enjoy Halloween at the amusement parks, a party increasingly present in Spain.

And it's not just for the little ones in the house, this celebration that every year earns more followers is also designed for the elderly. Terrifying attractions or frightening costumes are a small sample of what we will find. Terrifyingly fun!

Halloween at amusement parks

This celebration, imported from the English-speaking countries, is one of the most recent novelties of the holiday repertoire in many places. Costumes, parades, ornaments ... There are many elements that we find to celebrate Halloween in the amusement parks.

And not only in Spain, hundreds of countries adorn its streets and prepare events to celebrate the most terrifying night of the year. We tell you the best places to celebrate Halloween at the amusement parks. They will take your breath away.

Madrid Amusement Park

Amusement Park - Bea / Flickr.com

The schedule is adapted for this party: new horror passages (only for the bravest) and different activities.There is even a zombie experience and a terrifying dinner for party addicts.

But his classic passage of terror is the star of the night. Without a doubt, it is the perfect time to get into it. They also think of the little ones, who can enjoy special activities and an atmosphere with their favorite characters: the canine patrol, SpongeBob and many more.

PortAventura World, Salou, Tarragona

PorAventura - Emili Samper / Flickr.com

This park dresses Halloween with zombies, mummies and other monsters. The decoration leaves nothing to chance, is truly authentic and promises to sow fear and fun. Giant pumpkins, bats in the streets, ghosts and even vampiric menus will take us to the world of "beyond."

Between your events we can see terrifying showsNight beings wandering the park or a big parade that will fill the streets at dusk. As novelties, Maya Apocalypse, a terrifying passage that takes place within a Mayan pyramid and an expedition with Tadeo Jones for the little ones.

The attractions remain an important attraction and we may find in them some wandering spirit. Do you dare to live it?

"Fear is always willing to see things worse than they are."

-Tito Livio-

Warner Park, Madrid

Warner Park - Txindoki / Flickr.com

It will make us enjoy a complete and original Halloween. Each thematic zone is transformed thanks to the decoration full of cobwebs, witches or scarecrows.

Decorated with pumpkins, monsters and terrifying characters, visitors will enjoy them being able to take a picture with a smile ... or maybe a scream. Only for the bravest, the most fearful you can always run away.

For its part, the children's area is also groomed for the party. Looney Tunes dress up for the occasion and even some witch will play with the children to trick or treat. And the most daring can become skeletons or mummies with fun makeup.

If you are Halloween fans, do not hesitate, it is worth it. You can even go in disguise and let you get even more involved in the atmosphere of terror.

Terra Mitica, Benidorm, Alicante

Terra Mítica - Roberto Moreno / Flickr.com

The park prepares to welcome beings from beyond the grave and ghosts that are at ease. Its many shows will leave visitors breathless. From the deadly dances of the goddess of Egypt to the fire and witch shows, Terra Mítica prepares to astonish the bravest.

Full of pumpkins, skeletons and endless decorative elements, the Halloween celebration will be full of charm and terror. And do not forget the smallest of the house. They offer fun shows Horror as The Tales of the Crypt, so you can enjoy this terrifying night.

Halloween Scream Nights, Cambrils, Tarragona

Terror fans have an appointment in Cambrils. This event is held at Parc Samá, that every weekend turns into a real nightmare place.

Only for over 15 years, This event consists of seven horror passages, making it the largest terror park in Europe. And children under 15, can also enjoy Halloween with its range of activities: costumes, makeup and also different horror areas suitable for all ages.