An unforgettable route through Morocco by car

It is the closest part of Africa to access from Spain. A world apart, a different culture and with very friendly people. We want you to join us on a fantastic trip. This is the route through Morocco that will discover some of the most unique villages in this country.

How to get to Morocco

The advantage of traveling by car is the freedom and savings you get, as well as independence. Not having to keep an eye on schedules is great.To start the Morocco route, you can take a ferry in the ports of Algeciras, Tarifa or Málaga. From Malaga you will reach Melilla, while from Tarifa and Algeciras you will arrive near Tangier.

Tangier - Eugene Sergeev

You can choose to take your car on the ferry or rent one there. Everything will depend on how many you are. Check out and choose what interests you most.

Regardless of the point of entry into the country, We want to show you some beautiful villages full of Arab tradition and culture. A culture that always attracts us.

The villages you will see on this route through Morocco

1. Aday

It is about 150 kilometers from Agadir, southeast of Morocco. It is a town known for its reddish granite mountains, adorned with a blanket of almond trees. Its main mosque also stands in red on one of the mountains, contrasting with the stone houses that surround it.

2. Saidia

Saidia - Kippelboy /

Near the border of Melilla we find this beautiful coastal town of indescribable beauty.It has 14 kilometers of beach with golden sand and turquoise waters. You will believe that you are in another part of the world.

3. Castillejos

This is one of the closest towns to Spain in the Ceuta area. It is very close to a border crossing, so you will see the toughest Morocco. However, It has many attractions to visit, such as the town hall or the train station. It also has one of the best beaches in the region in Dar Riffien.

One thing that will surely get your attention in this area is that there are many people with white skin and light eyes. It is due to the various ethnic unions that have their origin in the colonial period.

4. Tamgrout

Tamgrout - Jef Wodniack

If you want to see a traditional and desert Moroccan town, this is the place you are looking for. It has underground streets to connect some houses with others. The reason is the extreme heat that is lived almost all year and can reach 50 degrees.

A curiosity: they elaborate handmade ceramics with a technique that is known as «double kitchen». If you feel like taking a very special memory of this route through Morocco, you know.

5. Imichil

Imichil - SurfCologic /

It is in the interior of Morocco, in fact, the Berbers live here, a Moroccan ethnic group perhaps little known but widespread in the country. And here the famous festival is celebrated in which young people concentrate, meet and get married.

It is a world apart, since they live in isolation and are very poor, although not less friendly. Here you will see women knitting beautiful Berber blankets and shrieks. Surely you will love it and want to bring one.

6. Imouzzer

Imouzzer waterfalls - be_am25 /

On Thursdays you will find the famous Imouzzer market.A characteristic that makes this market so special is the street sale of meat and vegetables, transported in donkeys. A traditional show that you will like to photograph.

And in addition, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape that surrounds this town.Here you will discover beautiful waterfalls that will delight your senses.

7. Sidi Rahal

Located south of Casablanca, It has some of the best beaches in the country. A beautiful town to spend a day at sea. However, walking through its urban center is not wasted. It is easy to rent a house for two days and enjoy the beauty that surrounds it.

“A trip is a new life, with a birth, a growth and a death, which is offered to us inside the other. Let's take advantage of it. ”

-Paul Morand-

This has been our route through Morocco to get to know different and interesting towns. Traveling by car through an unknown country is a pleasure, but also a great adventure. Are you willing to live it?

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