A trip to Canada: how to get eTA electronic authorization

A trip to Canada is one of the greatest experiences we can live. And you have to organize it well in every way. We talk about an important procedure: the eTA. It is an essential electronic authorization to enter the country if you are going to do it by plane and in case you do not need a visa. What is the eTA? How do you get it?

What is eTA and why is it important?

The eTA is an electronic travel authorization. All travelers need to have it if they are going to visit Canada for tourism, work or transit for a minimum stay of six months.

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Authorization is mandatory since August 2015. It was then that these regulations were introduced in order to improve the security of the borders between the United States and Canada.

The card It is valid for five years and it is mandatory for visa-exempt foreign citizens who travel to Canada by air. The card is linked to the passport and with it we will have permission to enter, although it will not be valid if our passport is expired.

It only takes to cross the Canadian borders, but once you have an entry permit you will not need it anymore to move around the country.

It is important to have the eTA on any trip to Canada. If you don't have it, you won't be able to enter the country. You will have to stay at the airport and pay a fine. However, having the eTA does not guarantee your entry into Canada: Canadian security will be the one who evaluates your passport and decides to give you permission to enter.

How to know if as a traveler you need to acquire the eTA?

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Not all people who are going to travel to Canada need an eTA, it will depend on where you come from. Travelers who do need it are those who are exempt from having a visa to travel. Specifically, several countries in Europe, New Zealand or Australia.

US citizens, on the other hand, do not need an eTA card, nor do those who need a visa to travel. It is enough for them with a passport or visa, if they are from other foreign nations. We advise you to inform yourself before traveling if you need it. Nobody wants surprises of this kind!

Last but not least, we remind you that the eTA is essential if you are traveling by plane. If you go there by land or sea transport you don't need it, since the controls do not request it. In airports yes, since there is more security and more specific control over people entering the country.

How to acquire the eTA before starting the trip to Canada

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The procedure for acquiring the eTa is exclusively electronic. With your Internet connection you can request the card on the website of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada.

They will send you to fill out a form with your personal data. They will also collect your fingerprint to corroborate it with your official passport. It is priced at seven Canadian dollars.

Once this procedure is done, the eTA will be activated and they will send you an authorization that you must send to the immigration agents along with the rest of the documents before traveling.

As you see, It is a quick, simple and convenient process, since you can do it from home. It will only take you a few minutes if everything goes well, although more documents can be requested.

If you don't want to take any fright, Our greatest advice is to request this card as soon as possible. This ensures that you can enter the country and you can buy the tickets. After all, it is one of the necessary procedures to organize this adventure.

Details such as eTA, bringing our updated ID, credit cards and other administrative procedures are things that we should never forget if we are going to travel abroad. So now you know, have everything ready and organize your trip to Canada in time. Otherwise? Once there you will only have to enjoy!

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