4 caravan routes to enjoy with the children

If you are one of those who move in a caravan, especially for the freedom it offers you, this article is for you. Today We propose four caravan routes to travel the northern half of the Iberian Peninsula, enjoying those you love most, free time and the fantastic landscapes that we present to you.

1. Route through Navia (Asturias)

Barayo Beach

This route is perfect for families who love sports, the beach and good food. All accompanied by the Navia River. This road that we propose, about 160 kilometers, begins in Asturias, discovering O Grandas de Salime, for example, or the wonderful views that the Parador de Salime gives us.

If you want to enjoy traditional Asturian cuisine, you can't stop trying the pot in any town of the council of Boal, like San Emiliano, Pezos or Doiras.

If you love water sports, you must go to Serandinas, where you can go kayaking, or the Arbón swamp, considered by many to be the “sanctuary of water sports”. In addition, throughout this area you can camp in countless places, it will not be difficult to find your place.

By last, we propose some of the best beaches where to enjoy the privileged environment that the Navia River has created: that of Moro and Barayo are unmissable.

2. Route through the Boí Valley (Lleida)

Boí Valley

In the heart of the Pyrenees we find the wonderful Boí Valley, a place that holds some of the greatest landscape jewels of Spain, as well as spectacular samples of Romanesque art.We will start at El Pont de Suert, door to the valley and where the small roads that we will cross to get to the secrets just mentioned.

By there you will find the Boí Taüll mountain station, where to practice practically all possible sports, or the spa of Caldes de Boí. There are the famous hot springs and you can park with your caravan without any problem.

To enjoy nature in its purest state, you must go to the Aran Valley. There, impressive glacial lakes and wonderful Romanesque churches await you, all with beavers, otters and eagles around.

3. Route through the Maeztrazgo (Teruel)


The next of our caravan routes takes us through the Maestrazgo, in Teruel. Definitely, It is an area that surprises everyone who visits it for the amount of treasures it contains.

We will start our path in Teruel, towards Cantavieja, a town of great beauty. There you can not miss its beautiful arcaded square, the church of the Assumption or the Council square. At lunchtime, try the great stews that are served at Casa Balfagón.

You can't miss Alcañiz either, which has a fantastic old town. And don't forget to visit the Maestrazgo Cultural Park, to completely impregnate yourself in the area. You can walk the route of the Crystal Grottoes of the Mills on foot to breathe the purest Maestrazgo.

Finally, and especially for the smallest of the house (but of course also of great interest to the elderly), is the dinosaur museum located in Galve. There they lived and left their tracks in mud, and in the museum you can see fantastic fossils and reproductions of all kinds.

Routes in caravan: discovering Ávila

Ávila boat

The last of the caravan routes that we want to show you It starts at the junction between the N-502 and the C-505 roads, where the famous Rasquilla Sale is located. Here we will charge the batteries thanks to its famous potatoes, scrambled and start to marvel at the beautiful views of the Sierra de Gredos.

Around the area we can visit beautiful villages such as Navarredonda, Hermosillo or Barco de Ávila. In the first mentioned town you can not miss the opportunity to have a coffee on the terrace of the hostel. This was intended as a refuge for Alfonso XII when he hunted in the area.

In Barco de Ávila, the regional capital, you can not miss its famous beans, as well as its castle, its Romanesque bridge or the Gothic church of the Assumption. In any of the villages in the area you can spend one or two nights to enjoy the region.

These we have shown you They are short caravan routes, but in which you can have a great time If you travel as a family. Routes where you will discover beautiful landscapes, try typical dishes, you can practice different sports and discover artistic jewels.