6 reasons that will encourage you to visit Jamaica

To visit Jamaica is to know an entire earthly paradise of the planet, one of those places that is not easily forgotten. What can we expect from this interesting country on the other side of the world? We will discover only some of its charms.

Why visit Jamaica

Incredible beaches, fun, culture and delicious cuisine. Its location in the Caribbean Sea makes it one of the most famous tourist destinations. It is not for less. If you want to visit Jamaica, sign up for this trip. We go to a place with fabulous weather, magnificent coasts and a perennial smile on the face. This is a destination to keep in mind.

1. Its crystal clear waters

Jamaica beach

Jamaican beaches are famous worldwide for their colors. The west and north coasts are simply fairy tale. There, turquoise waters, white sand and palm trees predominate.

Negril beach is one of the most famous on the island. It has more than seven kilometers of crystalline waters and imposing cliffs. A real Eden.

As well The Doctor's Cave Beach is worth noting. It became famous in the late nineteenth century, when an American magazine mentioned this place for the medicinal and healing properties of its waters. Consequently, a doctor named Baker built a spa on this heavenly beach.

2. Your gastronomy

Ackee and Salfish

In case you are one of those who love being able to experiment and try new flavors, you will love the gastronomy of Jamaica.The influence of Hindu, British and African culture is especially noticeable. Everything gives rise to a huge variety of dishes.

Its stars include cassava-based bread or salted cod, as well as the famous Jamaican rum. Exotic fruits are also spectacular, highlighting the ackee, which is poisonous and cannot be taken raw.

3. Port Royal

Fort Charles in Port Royal - Ken MacElwee / Flickr.com

Here came the most famous pirates in the world. We talked about a place where many of these characters stopped before or after attacking other coastal cities such as Panama, Maracaibo and Portobelo.

The taverns and brothels were abundant in the place. It used to be said that there was a tavern for every 10 inhabitants. The importance of the pirates was so much that the well-known Henry Morgan was appointed governor of the place. He imposed laws and reforms that made possible the development of Port Royal.

4. Your coffee

Blue Mountains

One of the most consumed drinks in the world. Without a doubt, all coffee lovers know that one of the most famous is the Jamaican who, despite being less known, It is considered one of the best quality.

Among all, Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica is among the most famous, growing only in the Blue Mountains. There, the conjunction of a good climate, humidity and the earth have come together to create an exquisite coffee.

5. Mystic Mountain

Dunn River

This nature reserve is close to the spectacular Dunn River waterfalls. It is an area where you can have a lot of fun walking, climbing the funicular mountain or descending through the roller coaster that crosses the forest and is known as "bobsleigh". Definitely, an adventure that you should not miss.

6. Bob Marley's route

Nines Miles - Chris Parker / Flickr.com

The mythical musician is one of the most famous artists not only from Jamaica, also from around the world. Without a doubt, a star in the country.

If you want to travel the route of Bob Marley, we will tell you the three places that make up the route:

  • Nine Miles, the town where he was born and in which is his mausoleum.
  • The 56th mansion of Hope Road, which was where the Tuff Gong record label was created.
  • The Trench Town neighborhood, where the singer-songwriter grew up and where he took his first steps in the world of music.

«Do not live so that your presence is noticed, but so that your absence is felt.»

-Bobo Marley-

As you see, To visit Jamaica is to go to one of the most beautiful places and interesting that you can meet. A country where fun, relaxation and natural treasures are special. Without a doubt, it is a destination where, in addition, you can taste exquisite cuisine and where people are friendly. All this makes this place a magnificent destination. What are you waiting for to visit it?

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