Discover the island of Crete in Greece and all its charms

Who has not ever considered taking a cruise on the Greek islands? Or simply visit this wonderful country that is slowly becoming an increasingly popular destination. Today We travel to the island of Crete in Greece and we will show you why you should visit it. Are you ready? We start!

The Crete island in Greece, ideal destination

Chania - Olga Gavrilova

The island of Crete in Greece It is the largest island in the country and the fifth of the entire Mediterranean Sea. It is situated in the eastern Mediterranean area, south of the Aegean Sea and very close to Egypt. Its name comes from the Greek, although some sailors called the island «Candía», which comes from Latin candidus, which means white.

The island of Crete is divided into four regions. These are Chania, Rethymo, Heraklion, the capital, and Lassithi.

Together with other Greek islands, Crete shares not only the landscape, but also the history. Along the extension of the islandyou can discover the most beautiful beaches in the world and an incredible story through its ruins in ruins.

Further, It is surrounded by a mountainous landscape, fishing villages and really special corners Where you can enjoy the best Greek food. Don't you think this island has it all?

What to see and do in Crete

1. Visit its capital, Heraklion

Heraklion, besides being the capital of Crete, is the nucleus of the whole life of the island. Y It has a long history hidden under its buildings. Due to the complicated history that Greece has always had for being on the border between Europe and Asia, diverse cultures have coexisted on its surface.

The consequences of this can be seen with the naked eye in the city. Basically The center is a fusion of Byzantine, Venetian, Turkish art and, how could it be missing, from Ancient Greece. It also has neoclassical buildings and more modern buildings dated to the fifties.

Due to the variability of cultures that have passed through Heralkion, Its old town is ideal for walking around while enjoying the sea breeze of the island.

2. Don't miss the Knossos Palace

Knossos Palace - Georgios Tsichlis

Taking advantage of your visit to the capital of Crete, it is mandatory to visit the palace of Knossos, the cradle of our civilization. It is a Minoan palace, a civilization that existed on the island during the Copper Age and the Bronze Age.

It was a very advanced civilization capable of building buildings like this. The palace was built on the year 2000 a. C. although it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1700 a. C. His remains were discovered in 1900 by Arthur Evans, a British archaeologist.

The palace is located six kilometers from the city and has guided tours in several languages, including Spanish. Do not miss it!

3. Visit its beaches

Balos - Lucian BOLCA

Another element that makes the island of Crete special in Greece is undoubtedly the beaches. These are natural and unique places, with crystal clear waters that remind us of the Caribbean, fine sand and a splendid time, very similar to that of Spain.

Throughout the island you can find wonderful beaches from which to enjoy a sunset. Highlights Balos Beach, a shallow wild beach with turquoise green waters. Also the beaches of Elafonisi, Platanias or Frangokastello. Apart from this, in Crete there are also hidden coves that are worth discovering.

4. Discover your fishing villages

Loutro - Dmitry Laudin

Another of the charms of the island of Crete is the simplicity of its fishing villages. Throughout the coastline there are beautiful villages of classical tradition, with white and blue houses. Discovering these places will leave you amazed and, in addition, you will be lucky to be able to taste the best fish dishes on the island.

One of those locations is Agios Nicholaos, which is located in Lassathi. The highlight is its port, located in the Gulf of Mirabello, a fantastic place to enjoy its nature. On the other hand, highlights Loutro, a small town with a beautiful cove.

In addition to all these plans, We recommend you visit Chania. It is a different city, multicultural and therefore similar to the capital. It is full of life, atmosphere and color. And you must visit Rethymo la Fortezza, a building where the Ibrahim Han mosque is located.

"There is no man more complete than the one who has traveled a lot, who has changed his mind and life twenty times."

-Alphonse Lamartine-

Of course, There are many more activities that will make your stay on the island of Crete in Greece an unforgettable experience. What are you waiting for to book your hotel there?

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