Things to do near the Hagia Sophia in Kiev

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a paradise of architecture. The great jewel is undoubtedly the cathedral of Santa Sofía. Although, as is often the case with many monuments, these take a few hours and then we ask ourselves, "And now, what?" Well We tell you everything you can do near the Hagia Sophia cathedral in Kiev.

St. Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral - Golitsynsky

First of all, it is essential to visit this magnificent temple. And it is really impossible to pass in front of this building and not stop to look at it, because its white, green and gold colors call anyone's attention.

With a thousand years of history on its walls, its characteristic form may remind of the typical Greek houses, and that is that It was built in a marked Byzantine style. It is said that it was to compete in beauty with the Basilica of Hagia Sophia of the then Constantinople, today Istanbul.

This was one of the most important religious-political centers in the country, as well as housing the Orthodox rites - majority religion in Ukraine - it was also the place of coronation of kings and holding councils of state and assemblies.

What to seenear the cathedral of Hagia Sophia

We have already known that precious temple a little. Now it's time to know what can be seen near the Hagia Sophia cathedral in Kiev, and it's much more than you might think. Check it.

1. Monastery of Saint Michael of the Golden Domes

Monastery of San Miguel - tomtsya

Another of the essential places of the city is this monastery.An enclosure that has its origin in the Middle Ages and whose cathedral was destroyed in the 1930s by the Soviet authorities. What we can see today is the reconstruction that was done after the independence of the country.

Fortunately, before the demolition, the frescoes and mosaics were removed, which were divided between St. Sophia Cathedral, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. After the reconstruction everything returned to its place.

2. Independence Square

Independence Square - joyfull

Heart for centuries of the city, this square has had different names, and also its physiognomy has changed throughout its history. A place of great symbolism for the inhabitants of Kiev and, in general, of the country, since It has been the scene of major demonstrations.

In the year 2004, the continuous protests and camping in this square ended with the repetition of elections in which there had been an alleged electoral fraud. And it is just an example of what this square has lived. A place, no doubt, to visit near the cathedral of Santa Sofia.

3. Shevchenko Park

Shevchenko Park - Francisco Anzola /

This park is a natural environment that will allow you to get to know the people of the city more closely. Believe it or not, Ukraine is different, its people are different, and spending time here will allow you to realize it.

There are dozens of places around where you can have an ice cream or hot chocolate, depending on the time you visit Kiev. Sit back and enjoy the moment, because you already know that to travel you have to eliminate prejudices.

4. Pechersk Lavra Monastery

Pechersk Lavra Monastery - Svietlieisha Olena

It is one of the most revered monasteries among Russian Orthodox. A magnificent complex whose history dates back to the 11th century and in which there are several churches, in addition to museums and buildings with other uses.

Further, you can visit the caves, which are on two levels. A labyrinth of passageways with niches carved into the rock in which the bodies of deceased monks were deposited and that, due to the special conditions of this place, ended up mummifying. We assure you that the experience will be worth it.

5. Go up to the funicular

Ukainian Montmartre - Nataliia Sokolovska /

From the funicular that will take you to the Ukainian Montmartre you can get wonderful views of the city. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy these as you go up and, of course, when you are on the hill. A way to spend the afternoon very original and fun.

«The trip never ends. Only travelers end. And they can also subsist in memory, in memory, in narration ... The purpose of a trip is only the beginning of another trip. »

-José Saramago-

6. Statue of the Motherland

Motherland statue - joyfull

This statue that stands victorious 62 meters high from the city It measures nothing more and nothing less than 102 meters and weighs 530 tons. It was part of a project of two twin statues that would represent rulers of the time of the Russian Social Democratic Republic and the Soviet Union.

However, the project concluded with a single statue, which has been the focus of some attacks. Still one of the most recognized monuments in the city, there are many who claim to be torn down.

You have already verified that in Kiev there is much to see and do and that near the cathedral of Santa Sofía there are many attractions that you should not overlook. Do you sign up for your next vacation?

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