9 different hotels in Spain for a special getaway

Staying in a good hotel is what travelers always want. But if that establishment also goes out of the ordinary, the experience will be incredible. Today We talk about different hotels in Spain, hotels that because of their architecture, decoration or materials are out of the ordinary. Do you want to come to meet them?

1. Different hotels in Spain: Cap Rocat, Mallorca

Hotel Cap Rocat - caprocat.com

In the bay of Palma de Mallorca is this incredible hotel that seems taken from a story of dragons and princesses. A fortress rehabilitated to be what it is today, but without having lost an iota of its charm and originality A luxury decoration in rock-cut rooms is just one of the attractions it offers.

2. Les Cols Pavellons, Girona

It is special because it has managed to harmonize Zen philosophy with nature in its purest state. You can sleep in rooms with glass walls With amazing decoration. In addition, its restaurant has two Michelin stars, something you cannot refuse. You will find it in Olot, in Girona.

3. Hotel Marqués de Riscal, Álava

Hotel Marqués de Riscal - PowPow vs Marc / Flickr.com

In Elciego, in Álava, this building seems to have been made with liquid that has fallen from the sky and has been petrified creating avant-garde forms without equal. A design by architect Frank Gehry that does not leave you indifferent.

If you are a wine tourism lover, this is the hotel to stay at. Its restaurant, with a Michelin star, will be the impulse you need to choose it as your next lodging.

4. SleepDcine, Madrid

SleepDcine - dormirdcine.com

In the Salamanca district is this original avant-garde hotel that surprises everyone who sees it. Everything is decorated with murals of actors, movies and series.

One of the different hotels in Spain that you cannot miss. Decoration designs are created by renowned illustrators. Lodging in a work of art, what more can you ask for?

5. Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Navarra

Hotel Aire de Bardenas- simonsimages / Flickr.com

Its location may seem a bit odd since it seems to be in the middle of the desert. And it almost is. It is next to the Bardenas Reales, in Navarra, a place where you can admire landscapes that do not look like this planet.

With several architecture and interior design awards, its original cube rooms or futuristic bubbles will allow you to spot stars and incredible sunrises.

6. Toy Hotel, Alicante

Toy hotel - hoteldeljuguete.com

His name already indicates it, the rooms of this hotel in Ibi are themed with toys and dolls of the lifelong ones and also some of the most modern such as Playmobil, Lego or the Invizimals and many more.

An experience that is not only for the little ones at all, since the elderly will also enjoy it a lot because they will feel like children again.

7. Hotel Los Caracoles, Malaga

The name has to do with the shape of its rooms, which are like a snail-like cabin. One of the most charming hotels on the Costa del Sol and the different hotels in Spain. An incredible option to stay in one of the most tourist enclaves of the country.

8. Accommodation Vagón Rural, Murcia

Accommodation Vagón Rural - vagonrural.com

If there is one of those different hotels in Spain that take away the meaning, this is it. Some independent and very picturesque wagons of the 50s rehabilitated in an incredible way.

It is in the fertile Murcian orchard. Its originality, together with the tranquility that reigns in its enclave, will make you live a unique and unrepeatable experience.

9. Tree huts, Catalonia and Euskadi

Cabins in the trees - Monmar Comunicació / Flickr.com

The wooden houses in the trees have been the dream of all the children of the world and of all ages. Well, this dream can already come true in Catalonia and Euskadi with Cabins in the Trees, a very original idea that has created hotels full of charm. Ecological tourism in its purest state and total relaxation.

"Investing in traveling is investing in oneself."

-Matthew Karsten-

What do you think about these different hotels in Spain? All are incredible establishments to stay in and live an adventure unforgettable. Have you already taken note and marked your favorite?

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