The weather in Vienna, get ready for adventure

Vienna is one of the most desired cities by tourists and travelers from around the world, not only for its enormous musical influence, but for its beautiful architecture. However, Before thinking about a visit, it is important to consider how the weather is in Vienna and decide what would be the best time of the year to visit it. Do you want us to help you decide?

In Vienna, the weather is considered warm and temperate, although it must be borne in mind that rains are the protagonists of many of the days of the year. The winters are very cold and the summers warm, with an average annual temperature of around 9ºC.

However, let's see season by station what are the characteristics of Vienna weatherThis way you can better decide when to visit the capital of Austria.

The weather in Vienna in summer

The Prater - Peter Zachar

As in all of Europe, the months of June, July and August are also warmer in Vienna. However, we should not think that summer is hot, since temperatures hardly reach 26ºC, registering an average temperature of 20ºC.

With longer days and pleasant temperatures, It is the best time of the year to visit the city. However, you should also keep in mind that it can rain relatively often, so you should not forget to store the umbrella in your suitcase.

This era is perfect to walk quietly through the city streets and discover all its treasures: its palaces, its churches, its gardens ... And also It's a good time to enjoy its unique amusement park. Do not forget to climb the ferris wheel of the Prater, as old as it is charming.

The weather in Vienna in winter

Christmas market - Karel Gallas

Although winter occupies from December to March, the coldest months in the city are December and January, in which temperatures reach -5ºC and maintain an average of 0ºC.

This does not seem to be a good time to travel to Vienna. But nevertheless, everything has its charm and contemplating the city under a blanket of snow is a landscape that you can never remove from your head. Just remember to wear a good coat.

In addition, despite the cold, there will be a thousand and one things you can do in Vienna. Visiting its palaces is a good option. Also discover some of its museums, and there are very interesting ones, such as the Belvedere Palace, where you can admire works such as The kissby Gustav Klimt.

If your trip coincides with Christmas, you can also enjoy the typical markets. The best known is the one that is installed in the Town Hall square and that turns the place into an almost magical setting.

Autumn in Vienna

Mozart statue, Burggarten - Balakate

The weather in Vienna in autumn is somewhat cold. But it is not a bad time to visit the city, especially at the beginning of the season. Although temperatures will range between 5 and 12º C, earth and fire colors will permeate the city with a romantic touch which you will not be able to enjoy at another time of the year.

Live the adventure, get warm and walk through its streets and parks while enjoying a spectacle of unique colors that will trap your mind and heart. You can tour the Stadtpark, where you will see the golden statue of Johann Strauss. You can also go to the Volksgarten to admire a beautiful sculpture of Sissi, or the Burggarten, where the statue of Mozart is located.

«The streets of Vienna are paved with culture; those of other cities with asphalt. »

-Karl Krauss-

Spring in Vienna

Vienna - Mariia Golovianko

In spring you can fully enjoy one of the most majestic cities in Europe. Vienna is pure beauty at this time of year, in which the flowers grow and the greenery of the grass and trees intensifies. A rainbow of colors awaits you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Do not miss the opportunity to see this landscape and enjoy Vienna at night at this time, in which the weather is very nice. Cross its bridges, breathe fresh air and get drunk with all the magic that this city gives off on all four sides.

What can we say? Any season is good to visit Vienna, because its beauty does not depend on the month of the year in which you go, but on the essence kept in your soul.

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