Holland: we discover its myths and truths

Certain beliefs proliferate from all countries and cities that, whether true or not, help create an image of that place that often has little to do with reality. One of the countries on which there are more myths is Holland, especially in regard to its capital, Amsterdam. Next, we will disassemble (or not) some of them.

To Amsterdam only partying

Oude Kerk - S-F

It is true that Amsterdam's nightlife is famous and that part of the tourism it receives comes for this reason. But nevertheless, the fantastic cultural offer of the city is above. There we have large museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House and the Stedelijk Museum.

Tulips and mills are everywhere

Field of tulips - Olena Z

Tulips are the most representative flower of Holland, right. In fact, you'll see them in many places, but they don't flood their streets or see them at any time in their fields. They bloom between March and May. Therefore, if you want to enjoy its beauty and color you should leave the visit to the tulip fields for spring.

As for the mills, you will see many, but most are located in very specific areas. You will find the most representative in Kinderdijk, Schiedam or Zaanse Schans

In Holland everyone goes by bicycle

Amsterdam - Andrii Lutsyk

Although not all Dutch use this means of transport, it is a great truth. In fact, it is said that in Amsterdam there are more bicycles than inhabitants.

Further, Holland is a flat country, so it is very comfortable to move pedaling. Here the bikes are very easy to travel through towns and cities and there are huge specific parking lots for them.

The Dutchman has a very cold character

It is true that, in general, the Dutch have a colder and less expressive character than those born in Mediterranean countries. However, that does not mean that they are not hospitable to foreigners or that they do not help you at any time if you need it.

In Amsterdam everything is channels

Amsterdam - Kavalenkava

Not all but the capital of the Netherlands has no less than 100 kilometers of canals, about 1500 bridges and about 90 islands. Therefore, it is known as the "Venice of the North." The importance of the canals in the city is such that Unesco in 2010 included the area defined by one of its famous canals in the list of World Heritage Sites.

And not only in Amsterdam, canals and dikes are part of the Dutch landscape and you will find them in many towns and cities.

Marijuana is smoked everywhere

Marijuana in Holland is decriminalized, but this does not mean that all the Dutch smoke it. Its consumption is also restricted in many areas and even a good part of the famous coffee shops They have been transformed into premises where only their members can go.

In Holland there is a lot of prostitution

Red Light District - Steve Photography

Prostitution is legalized, which does not mean there is neither more nor less than in other places. Workers in this sector pay their taxes like any other and offer their services in specific places.

The clearest example is that of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Here prostitutes are shown in shop windows to offer their services, but as we say, in specific places.

Dutch cheese is one of the richest in the world

Alkmaar Cheese Market - Berit Kessler

The Dutch consume on average about 15 kilos of cheese a year, being one of the largest consumers in the world. It is also one of the major exporting countries. Dutch cheeses are famous worldwide and they owe this recognition to the balance they have between spicy and sweet.

The most famous cheeses are Gouda and EdamBut Limburger, Maasdammer and some varieties of goat cheese are also very popular. In Amsterdam, a mandatory stop is the Reypenaer tasting room on the Singel canal to taste its artisan Gouda cheese. Will not disappoint you!

If you don't speak Dutch, you have nothing to do

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch, but its second language is English. Therefore, shortly after you defend yourself with English, you can communicate without any problem there. In addition, it is very common to speak more languages, such as French, Italian and even Spanish.

"You know more about a path for having traveled the one than for all the conjectures and descriptions in the world."

-William Hazlitt-

Holland has its peculiarities, which make it more special, if possible. Therefore, it is a good destination to meet. Do you dare to discover more Dutch myths?

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