5 unforgettable getaways for a weekend

To know incredible places it is not necessary to wait for the holidays. It is always possible to organize weekend getaways. If it is also long, it may be the perfect occasion to discover and savor wonderful destinations like these that we are going to suggest, are we going?

Getaways for a special weekend

1. Paris

Gardens of Paris - givaga

Perhaps you would like more time to get to know this amazing city. But nevertheless, A weekend is the minimum you need to discover everything Paris has to offer. In addition, we are sure that you will fall hopelessly in love and want to return many more times.

In a weekend you will have time to know the magnificent Eiffel Tower, to take a walk on the banks of the river Seine, tour the Champs Elysees, stroll through the streets of the Montmartre neighborhood or visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. And of course, you can also enjoy the exquisite French cuisine.

It is one of those almost perfect getaways. In a weekend you will know the essence of this beautiful and romantic city. And we can guarantee you will want to return many more times.

2. Porto

Porto - Sean Pavone

It is not a very big city, so it is perfect to enjoy it on a weekend. The atmosphere of Porto will catch you as you travel through neighborhoods full of magic like La Baixa Or enjoy its delicious cuisine.

The city has many places as beautiful as interesting that you should know. On your weekend you can admire the Clérigos Tower or the Sao Bento station, surprise you at the Lello and Irmao bookstore or take a romantic walk along the banks of the Douro.

3. Florence

Florence - Sergey Novikov

In this case we propose one of those getaways that surely, you know little. Florence is a city that simply falls in love. You will want to take advantage of every second of your weekend to get to know every corner, every monument and every museum. You may not think it gives you time, but is there a better excuse than that to return?

What are the essential places to know about Florence?You must visit the Plaza del Duomo to admire the cathedral and you must tour the Signoria Square, with the Doge's Palace. Crossing the Vecchio bridge is mandatory and you will find the best views in Michelangelo Square.

Ideally, reserve some time to visit the Ufizzi Gallery or the Academy, Where is he David by Michelangelo. Two essential museums of Florence.

4. Budapest

Budapest - OlDen

Without a doubt, Budapest is one of the best weekend getaways. The reason? You can visit many wonderful places and after the tour relax in one of the thermal baths in the city. A good plan, don't you think?

Our recommendation is that you start your walk on the emblematic Chain Bridge. From there it continues to one of the best viewpoints of the city, the Fisherman's Bastion, on Buda Hill. You should also know the Parliament and the Heroes' Square.

And if you want to feel like a real king, and at the same time rest a little, you can enjoy a delicious coffee in the emblematic New York Café. Another option is a bath at the Széchenyi Spa or the Gellert, simply spectacular.

5. Prague

Astronomical clock, Prague - leoks

For many, Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe. It is not for less this appreciation, because it is a capital wrapped in an almost magical environment and with wonderful corners.

Maybe a weekend is not enough to know everything, but it is enough to discover the most emblematic places in Prague. Tour the Old City, where the Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock are located. Then, cross the Charles Bridge and visit the spectacular Prague Castle.

The true traveler finds that boredom is rather pleasant than annoying. It is the symbol of his freedom - his excessive freedom. He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not as a mere philosophical principle but almost with pleasure. ”

-Aldous Huxley-

What do you think of these five weekend getaways?, which is your favorite? Take advantage of weekends to discover dream places that will make you fall in love from the first moment. You dare?

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