The Cotswolds, one of the most charming regions in England

Located to the southwest and west of England, we find the famous Cotswolds, one of the most beautiful regions of the United Kingdom. Its landscapes and the aged flavor of its beautiful villages will enchant you. Join us in this extraordinary adventure and discover together with us everything you need to know so that your trip to theCotswolds Be unforgettable.

Cotswolds, an unforgettable place

If you want to know and enjoy the essence of the most idyllic England, you should definitely visit Cotswolds. A predominantly rural place, where rolling hills are the main protagonists. The extraordinary natural beauty of this region has no comparison. That, together with the fact of having an exquisite cuisine and the friendliness of its citizens, will make your stay unforgettable.

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Cotswolds is a perfect blend of incredible landscapes, history and culture. There you can walk along beautiful historical trails that will take you to contemplate some of the most impressive natural places in England.

And it is that one of the most beautiful features of this region are its old forests, its streams and its flower meadows. The landscape is divided between more rolling hills and more than 6,000 kilometers of ancient stone walls.

Further, you can walk through its ancient villages, of authentic fantasy. And let yourself be seduced by the exquisite flavors and colors of typical markets. Even if you travel in the summer you can bathe in the beautiful lakes that are inside the hills.

"All trips have secret destinations that the traveler is aware of."

-Martin Buber-

What to do in Cotswolds?

If something we can guarantee you is that In Cotswolds you will never be bored. It is a region full of incredible places to discover. What can you do here?

1. Know the Cotswolds gardens

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Not only natural landscapes are wonderful in the Cotswolds, also those created by the hand of man. Here you can admire some of the most beautiful gardens in England, designed by famous landscape designers. Gardens located in beautiful stately villas that you will love.

Is is perfect ending for a tour of the landscapes of this region, in which you can perform different activities. From simply walking to cycling or resting in the middle of an idyllic landscape and connecting with nature.

2. Discover your story

Gloucester Cathedral - Arena Photo UK

If you like history, in the Cotswolds you will enjoy. Here you will find some of England's best preserved medieval churches. And not only that, you can also admire idyllic castles, authentic story palaces and elegant stately mansions.

Be sure to visit Gloucester, city where you will stroll through history since Roman times and where you can enjoy wonderful examples of the typical architecture of the Tudor era. A place capable of making you travel in time.

3. Take a romantic walk through its incredible villages

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Another of the activities we recommend you do is rent a car and make a most romantic route with no fixed direction. On your way you will discover authentic story towns. And is that The Cotswolds hide some of the most beautiful towns in England.

Most are small towns, perfectly preserved and captivating beauty. Bibury, Chipping Campden, Stratford-Upon-Avon or Castle Combe are just some of them. Strolling through its alleyways, contemplating its “cottages” raised with limestone and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding environment will be unforgettable.

4. Fly in hot air balloon

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Another of the most adventurous and romantic options you can do is enjoy the most beautiful views of the Cotswolds countryside while flying in a hot air balloon. From a bird's eye view, the image of this beautiful region is spectacular.

From the air you will perfectly appreciate the gentle curves of its hills, the meadows full of flowers, the old country houses and surely many sheep. And it is that the towns of the Cotswolds grew and developed centuries ago thanks to the quality of the wool of these animals.

Do you want to travel to a unique and special place? Then your next destination must be to Cotswolds. A region with incredible landscapes, interesting history and unforgettable experiences. For something they say it is the heart of England.

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