Edinburgh Castle, living history of Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is in the center of the city, in an elevated area. Therefore it can be seen from any point of the population. From the hill on which it is located, it should be noted that it is of volcanic origin. And it is the same with the stones with which the fortification was built.

How is he edinburgh castle

Something important that we have to know is that at the beginning it was another military fortification. It was designed to protect the coast from the advance of enemy troops and thus safeguard the Scottish territory from invaders. The castle is from the thirteenth century, when King David I made the decision to become a fortress instead of the permanent residence of the Scottish kings.

View from the castle - Lucian Milasan

When you visit Edinburgh Castle, the views impress. They benefit from the military strategy that wanted to place it that way to safeguard its territory. Being surrounded by cliffs, it is very protected. This means that, although there have been many struggles, it has always remained standing. These factors give it a special charm, because from its terrace you can see a beautiful landscape.

During the War of Independence this castle was fundamental for the Scots. In it some of the bloodiest battles of this period took place. Visiting this castle will allow you to also know some interesting details of the discussion not yet settled between Scotland and England about its sovereignty over its own territories.

What is worth visiting in Edinburgh Castle?

Access to the castle - Ignatius Tan

Foog's door, through which you enter the castle, is quite interesting. We talked about a structure that was built in the 17th century to protect access to the fortress from enemy invasions. It was built with great breadth and is welded to the walls of volcanic stone.

The chapel of Santa Margarita is one of the most important sites of the enclosure. It is the oldest part that is preserved. The chapel is from 1130 and was built as a royal chapel so that the kings of Scotland could attend the offices without having to leave Edinburgh Castle.

Canyons and batteries of Edinburgh Castle

One o'clock canyon - kyrien

Cannons and batteries are important. During the visit to Edinburgh Castle You can see different cannon batteries. They are located along the entire wall and formerly served to defend against attacks.

The Mons Meg cannon is built in Belgium in 1449. It was a revolution when it came to protecting the fortifications, as it was one of the few that managed to throw more than 1,000 kilos. It is at the entrance of the castle. And on Argyle's battery you can see print cannons that protected him from enemy attacks. The views are also spectacular, the best in Edinburgh.

"Never show so overwhelming moved so excited eyes."

-Julio Verne-

The one o'clock canyon is the one most visited by tourists. When the clock strikes 13 hours, the device turns on and fires a bullet. This happens every day of the year for two centuries. Only missing the appointment on Sundays, Good Friday and Christmas day.

The palace

Edinburgh Castle - andras_csontos

The Royal Palace is another place to visit in Edinburgh Castle. It began to be built in 1,430 to be the place of residence of the kings of Scotland. Of that first structure practically nothing is preserved. There are only renovations that Jacobo VI did in the 17th century.

Despite this, it is an old and quite beautiful building, which is divided into several rooms. It is worth looking carefully at the fireplace below. In it you will be able to enjoy a small exhibition about the Scottish monarchs. The visit to the Crown Chamber, where you can see all the jewels of the Scottish Crown is also worth it.

As you can see, Edinburgh Castle is a must see For everyone who wants to know the city and Scotland.

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