5 landscapes of Croatia that will leave you with your mouth open

Croatia has landscapes full of color constituted by the blue of the sea, the reflection of the sky on the white sands, the green of the meadows of the interior and the yellow of the plains full of cereals. A color palette that creates a set of such beauty that leaves everyone with their mouths open.

5 stunning landscapes of Croatia

This country has mountain landscapes, islands, historic villages, turquoise water beaches and much more. Let's go to Croatia to discover 5 landscapes that will leave you with a true impression.

1. Plitvice lakes

Plitvice lakes are located in the National Park of the same name, which was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. These are 16 lakes that pour their waters into a hundred beautiful waterfalls from the upper 12 to the lower 4.

Plitvice Lakes - Marta Paniti / Shutterstock.com

These lakes are located in a rocky landscape, surrounded by dense forests. To cross them there are wooden walkways and bridges, from where the turquoise waters are admired and emerald of these lakes. Colors that have their origin in the abundance of minerals in the land where the Korana river is located.

"A traveler without observation is a bird without wings."

- Moslih Eddin Saadi -

2. Krka Falls

Krka Falls is located in the Krka National Park, in the southern lands of Dalmatia, next to the historic city of Sibenik. The Krka River has carved a beautiful landscape in limestone that has resulted in a series of idyllic waterfalls.

Krka Falls - ZM_Photo

These spectacular waterfalls also, called Skradinski Buk, can be admired from fantastic viewpoints with the assurance that no corner will be out of sight. In the river there is a great variety of fish, birds and mammals. Among the birds you can spot peregrine falcons, ospreys and even golden eagles.

Krka Falls they impress how huge they are, but also because of the color of their waters. Seeing them makes you want to take a dip, the good news is that bathing is allowed, although only in the area of ​​the final waterfall.

3. Stiniva, the locked beach

Stiniva Beach It is a beautiful cove 30 meters long enclosed between large rocks. It is located south of Vis Island and can only be reached by a narrow road or by boat.

Stiniva Beach - NagyDodo

This beach has a particular beauty and represents one of the most incredible natural corners of Croatia. It is nestled in a wild, natural andheavenly, between rocks up to 35 meters high.

4. Primosten, a historic town

Primosten is an example of the wonders of the Adriatic coast. This town was formerly protected by walls and towers. It has a wonderful environment that gives beautiful landscapes, with a set of islands, bays, beaches and coves with turquoise waters.

Primosten - OPIS Zagreb

The medieval historical center has a charming old air, where the church stands out in what was once the island. It is currently connected to the mainland by a street. Not far away is the Raduča peninsula, another of the coastal overhangs of this place. It has lush vegetation and the beach, one of the most beautiful in Croatia

5. Brac Island, a point with a wonderful beach

The island of Brac is one of the 50 inhabited islands in the country. It is located in the Adriatic Sea, on the Dalmatian coast. On the island you can enjoy sun and sea, also mountains and lush vegetation. But What is most striking is the beautiful and curious beach Zlatni Rat, located in Bol.

Zlatni Rat beach - paul prescott

It is also known as El Cuerno or Promontorio de Oro. It is a beach in a strange projection that changes according to the tides and that reaches 500 meters of projection towards the sea. It is surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters and near a pine forest that preserves an old Roman rustic village.

Although Zlatni Rat beach offers a unique landscape in the world, there are also other places on this island such as beautiful coves, the port and a 15th century palace. Sunbathing on the beaches of Brac Island, in the middle of a landscape like no other is an unforgettable experience.

Croatia and its stunning landscapes They offer you to live an incredible vacation. Do not miss it.

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