Glacier Bay in Alaska, an unforgettable adventure

Do you want to live a white adventure between ice and snow at any time of the year? Then you have to visit Glacier Bay in Alaska, a unique show in the most unique state of the United States.

What is Glacier Bay like?

The Glacier Bay in Alaska It is actually a national park located in the northernmost state of the United States, although separated from much of the US territory by Canada. Its exact location is west of a city known as Juneau.

Glacier Bay - HurleySB

In this unique place we can find the bay itself, although the mountains that surround the area and all the glaciers that are found also belong to the territory, which are many, as it is one of the largest protected locations in the world.

«The natural world is the largest sacred community to which we belong. To harm this community is to diminish our own humanity. »

-Thomas Berry-

The history of Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay and its national park were created in 1925, the year Calvin Coolidge signed a bill to create the protected area and distinguished it as a national monument of the United States.

Glacier Bay National Park - Wildnerdpix

A few years later, In 1978, it was President Jimmy Carter who increased the size of the national park, so its total extension reached 2,116 km², which would still grow more in 1980, when some 57,000 hectares were considered as a protected reserve.

Further, in 1979 the Bay of Glaciers was considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco, a wonderful and protected space for those who want to live the white adventure.

What to see in Glacier Bay in Alaska

In the Alaska Glacier National Park we find a large number of wonderful shows to contemplate. Only 15 kilometers from the Canadian border begins a huge area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that has its highest peak on Mount Fairweather, with about 4,663 meters, which is part of a mountain range that is known by the same name.

Fairweather Range - jo Crebbin

In the western part of the natural park we come across a border bounded by the Great Pacific glacier. Meanwhile, in its eastern area we discover the huge Tongass National Forest.

Also belonging to the Glacier Bay National Park we discovered a total of 600,000 hectares of water where they inhabit a series of marine ecosystems that are distributed by the Alsek river and the coast, where the natives of the area fish.

Total, There are about 15 glaciers that are located in the protected area, the most active being the Muir glacier, which reached up to 265 meters high. Unfortunately, these have receded in recent years and have fallen in size due to global warming, although it has caused a curious phenomenon that has greatly changed the landscape of the area.

Margorie Glacier - Ruth Peterkin

While there is evidence that in 1794 the area was completely covered by a glacier, already in 1879 it was observed that this same glacier had receded about 77 kilometers along the bay.

However, much more than glaciers can be glimpsed in the vast expanse of the national park. If we enter the Gulf of Alaska, we can enjoy a milder climate, although with high rainfall and little snowfall.

Meanwhile, the mountainous parts are very cold. In other areas we find alpine-type tundras, ice fields, riverside forests and even wet tundras. The place is so wide that different geographical phenomena occur.

«In every walk with nature one receives much more than what one seeks.»

-John Muir-

And for lovers of flora and fauna observation, a good number of species can be discovered in Glacier Bay such as elk, brown and black bear, mountain goats, otters and seals, killer whales and whales, Canadian lynx, wolves and even bald eagles.

Glacier Bay - Kent Weakley

Yes, Access to the Glacier Bay National Park can only be done by air throughout the year, or by ferry and other boats in the summer months. There are more than 400,000 people who visit it every year.

And now, don't think about it anymore, well Glacier Bay in Alaska and the adventures in the snowy park are waiting for you. Prepare your backpack and go to one of the most spectacular protected areas in the world.

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