Toulouse, a city worth discovering

Those who have visited this beautiful city in southern France can say that Toulouse "has two faces": one of them is quiet, pedestrian and commercial and the other is lively, young and student. The one you want to discover depends on you. Of university tradition and with a great artistic and historical heritage, Toulouse It amazes us at every step we take. Find out in this article.

Toulouse, the "Pink City"

The fourth most important city in France (behind Paris, Marseille and Lyon) is crossed by the Garonne river and by three canals: Midi, Brienne and Garonne. He receives the nickname "pink" because that is the predominant color in the old buildings, which were built with caravista bricks.

Saint Pierre Bridge - Anibal Trejo

Toulouse is formed by four zones: a Roman (with narrow streets and slopes), a medieval (preserved almost entirely), the suburbs (developed between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries) and the suburbs (urbanizations in nearby towns). Perhaps instead of saying that it has two faces ... it would be better to say that it has four!

"The real journey of discovery is not about looking for new landscapes, but about having a new look."

-Marcel Proust-

What to see in Toulouse?

A pleasant city to explore on foot, with a historical center not very extensive but full of religious and civil buildings and many centuries of life like Toulouse is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. In a “typical” walk you can't miss:

1. The Place du Capitole

The center of the metropolis. An esplanade open between alleys that houses the town hall building and where most of the events take place or celebrations We can also enjoy occasional street markets and cafés with terraces. The "crossroads" takes us to other important attractions of the city.

Place du Capitole - Anibal Trejo

The Capitole is the one that gives the name to the square, which in addition to government headquarters is a theater. It was built between the 15th and 16th centuries and it is worth visiting its interior rooms with walls, walls and ceilings decorated with frescoes.

2. Basilica of St. Sernin

Leaving the square on Rue du Taur we will encounter this magnificent work of Romanesque style (It is worth saying that Toulouse has 90 churches and the cathedral of St. Ettiene, in addition to this basilica). It is one of the largest in France of its kind and its construction was carried out between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. From the outer tower we can see the city almost completely.

Basilica of Saint Sernin - junjun

In its origins it also had an abbey (missing), a must for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. Inside it amazes that it is not very ornate and its beautiful 19th-century organ. Do not miss the crypt where the relics of San Saturnino are kept.

3. Convent of the Jacobins

The convent has been a national monument for a long time and is not used for religious activities. Built under the command of the Dominicans, The church of this complex has a tower that stands out between the rooftops of the city and it can be seen in the distance (also at night when it lights up).

Convent of the Jacobins - Pistolero31 /

The temple is of southern Gothic style and like the basilica has not been decorated too much inside. With a single nave, the columns divide it into two spaces. One of those that supports the roof is called “the palm tree” because of its large size.

4. Renaissance palaces

The golden age of Toulouse took place between the 15th and 16th centuries thanks to the pastel herb trade which was used to dye bluish clothes. In those years we have buildings with capitular towers, narrow and with windows. Do not forget to know the palaces of d'Assezat, Dumay and Brucelles.

5. The Garonne

Midi Channel - thieury

Architecture aside, and as a perfect complement for summer days, this part of the city offers beautiful views of the river and the Pont Neuf. It is a quiet walk, ideal to rest on the grass or to see Toulouse illuminated at night. Both the east and west banks have attractions that are worth visiting, such as the Les Abattoirs Museum and the Espace EDF Bazacle.

By last, We advise you to go through Airbus and the City of Space to learn all about the aviation and aerospace industries. The guided tour shows the construction of the Airbus and offers a 3D projection shot in space.

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