5 fantasy places in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country where still wild nature dominates much of its surface. That makes there exist incredible places that for years are the favorite destination for lovers of great landscapes and also of adventure sports. However, in recent times many of these places have become authentic film sets of productions such as The Lord of the rings or The Hobbit, which have increased the number of tourists throughout the country.

Incredible places of New Zealand

1. The Kawarau River

Before the movies of Lord of the Rings, this river Kawarau already It was famous for rafting enthusiasts, since its rapids are a legend among lovers of this sport, especially the so-called Dog Leg, which lasts for about 400 meters. That is, the Kawarau River was one of those spaces for adventure sports that are a true emblem in New Zealand.

Kawarau River - aodaodaodaod

However, like other sites, after the productions of Peter Jackson, many of these places are best known for being scenes of their films, and in this case for having been transformed into the Anduin River, where the two gigantic statues of Argonah.

2. The Pinnacles of Putangirua

This first level geological show is located on the North Island of New Zealand, specifically in the Wairarapa region, and its origin dates back to about nine million years ago, when this whole area was actually an island, since the level of the seas was much higher.

Pinnacles of Putangirua - Pi-Lens

However, afterwards it was reversed and all this territory was submerged, so that everything is the result of millenary erosion and of the powerful forces of nature.

In short, a real creation that is the most suitable for a few years ago This whole collection of stone fireplaces became the setting for the Path of the Dead through which they passed Aragorn and company.

3. The Tongariro National Park

We are facing the fourth National Park that received such a protection figure in the world. A territory located in the epicenter of the North Island and that is a sacred territory for the aboriginal population, the Maori. A region that Unesco has considered a World Heritage Site for its fantastic fusion of the wildest nature and the most ancestral culture.

Tongariro National Park - Milonk

A surface dominated by the imposing volcanoes of Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe. A place whose visit alone deserves a trip to the antipodes. But if we have not convinced fans of the saga of the Rings, we will tell you that this is the land of Bite.

«Only fantasy always remains young; what has never happened never gets old.

-Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller-

4. Matamata

In this village of Matamata it has become one of the most demanded tourist destinations in the whole country, and not because of the beauty of the landscapes, which undoubtedly with Its hills of an intense green are ideal places to walk and photograph.

Matamata - Aaron Choi

However, do a test on internet search engines looking for information about Matamata. By entering your name, immediately appears as a suggestion Hobbiton. And of course there is no entry that overlooks that this was the place where the 44 caves of the protagonists of this second trilogy were created, which have been preserved from the cinematographic props. Yes, like the Green Dragon pub, the mill or the Fiesta Tree.

5. Te Whanganui A Hei

But in New Zealand not only the fantasies of J.R.R. Tolkien Another New Zealand director chose to film another fanatic plot in his homeland, in this case ofThe Chronicles of Narnia, and there appears this place of the coast of the country that is also known as The Cathedral Cove.

Cathedral Cove - Shaun Jeffers

But although this giant door is the most emblematic of this area of ​​the Coromandel peninsula, in reality It is part of an incredible marine reserve with numerous caves and cavities sculpted by millennia of erosion of the ocean, wind and rain.

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