An unforgettable route through Romania

Who said that this country is only Dracula and his castle? Romania is one of the great jewels of Eastern Europe and, in fact, little by little it is finding its place among the tourist destinations of the continent. The most popular area is Transylvania, but not the only one, you should not miss the Danube Delta, Moldova (same as the country) and Maramures, in addition to the corners that we show you below.

First forced step: Bucharest

Not only because it is the capital of Romania or because there the airlines arrive from the main cities of Europe. Also, obviously, for its large number of tourist attractions it is more than advisable to visit it. Bucharest was conceived as a "copy" of Paris (architecturally speaking) and its most interesting sites can be visited in two days (not like in the French capital).

Estura of Carol I, Bucharest - Leonid Andronov

A walk through the Romanian capital could start at Unirii Square, full of communist era buildings and many water sources in the middle.

Nearby we find a handful of religious buildings that “were saved” from being demolished in 1980, among them the Patriarchal Cathedral (the most important for the Orthodox faith), which will change its name when the Redemption Cathedral of the Romanian Nation is inaugurated.

Continuing on Unirii Avenue you will arrive at the National Parliament, the second largest building in the world (only surpassed by the Pentagon of Washington, United States): 85 meters high and 330,000 square meters of surface, 12 floors and 3100 furnished rooms.

Parliament of Romania, Bucharest - Aleksandar Todorovic

By subway we arrive at Victoria Square, with its Arc de Triomphe (smaller version than Paris) and continue to Herastrau Park and its street dedicated to Michael Jackson. At night, partying is essential in the Romanian capital, The best establishments are in the Unirii area.

On the way to Dracula's castle

From Bucharest you can go to Sinaia, one of the most beautiful places in the country. There you will find the Peles Palace (used in the summers by the former king) and the first with an electrical installation in Europe. Also in the city is the castle of Pelisor and the monastery of Sinaia.

Bran Castle - Emi Cristea

From there go to Bran, where the homonymous castle and supposedly dwelling of the Count of Dracula is, according to the novel by Bram Stoker. It is located on top of a rocky boulder and has a patio full of geraniums. The most gloomy of the set is, without a doubt, the collection of torture instruments used in the Middle Ages.

The tour continues through Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Do not miss its historic center full of terraces, the Market Square, the Baroque and Renaissance houses, the Black Church (with its organ of 4000 tubes), the viewpoints and medieval fortifications (with the towers that bear names of trades: blacksmith, butcher, tanner, etc) that make it a special place.

"You know more about a path for having traveled the one than for all the conjectures and descriptions in the world."

-William Hazlitt-

Other sites in Romania worth knowing

As we have told you, this beautiful country is more than its capital and Dracula's castle. It has hundreds of places to visit. The most beautiful are:


Rasnov Castle - Hurghea Constantin

To climb the citadel you have to use a funicular (because it is on top of a hill) from the city center. In ancient times it was used as a “mini-town” to protect the inhabitants from an attack. Nearby there are the Piatra Craiului National Park and the town of Magura.


Prejmer - CristiDumi

This fortified village and declared a World Heritage Site will leave you speechless. The strength of this city revolves around the church and the stores to store food (and serve as a shelter for animals and people in case of problems). To get to each place you will have to climb stairs and pass several cubicles.


Sighisoara - Cristian Balate

It is a town that can be visited in a single day, with a historic center that has hardly changed its appearance since the Middle Ages. Why is it included in a tour of Romania? For being the best preserved citadel on the continent and because in Sighisora ​​nothing less than Vlad "the Impaler" was born, whose house-museum can be visited.

And of course there is still more in Romanian lands: Turda, Alba Iulia, Sibiu, Cluj Napoca, the Fagaras mountains and the Poienari castle (believed to be the true Dracula).

Video: Transfagarasan Scenic Road (November 2019).