6 castles of the Loire you have to know

There are few words that can express how spectacular it is the Loire Valley. It is a dream place that is about an hour from Paris and that has more than 70 castles, churches, abbeys and other monuments. Visiting this valley can become one of the most memorable experiences you can have.

Castles of Loirewith a special touch

Choosing only some of the castles that accompany the Loire on its way is very difficult, everyone has something special. The ones we are going to travel They stand out for their history, their gardens or their spectacular physiognomy.

1. Blois Castle

The castle of Blois is one of the most spectacular and imposing in the Loire Valley and not only that, but also has an interesting history. It was the favorite residence of the kings of France and in the year 1429, Joan of Arc was blessed in her chapel.

Blois Castle - Kiev.Victor

After the French Revolution, this castle, like many others, was abandoned; however, in 1841 it was declared a Historical Monument and completely restored. Currently a museum works inside.

2. Clos-Lucé Castle

Close-Lucé - ibreakstock

More than a castle, Clos-Lucé is a spectacular mansion.A mansion that was the residence of the great Leonardo da Vinci. Here he spent the last three years of his life working for King Francisco I, who appointed him First painter, architect and royal engineer. In fact, he was a true spouse of the monarch, who received him with very enlightening words:

Here you will be free to dream, think and work

3. Amboise Castle

It is located just 500 meters from Clos-Lucé,in fact, both buildings communicate through an underground passage. The castle of Amboise was built in the mid-fifteenth century and in the year 1490 was acquired by the then king of France CarlosVIII as a gift for his beloved wife.

Amboise - Valery Rokhin

Here Leonardo da Vinci spent many hours working on his projects and chatting with the king and his sister, Margarita de Navarra, a fervent admirer of the artist. In the basement of the mansion you can see some of the models drawn by Da Vinci.

4. Chateau Cheverny

The Chateau Cheverny is one of the castles that you can not miss in your tour of the Loire Valley. This beautiful and imposing fortress of Renaissance style has an arboretum of 100 hectares, a museum, gardens and, of course, the most exquisite decoration and opulence in terms of furniture.

Cheverny Castle - Jose Ignacio Soto

The history of this castle dates from 1620, when a family of financiers, the Hurault, ordered its construction. This imposing building It was considered one of the most avant-garde of the time and marked a trend in French architecture.

4. Chateau de Villandry

Villandry Castle - PHB.cz (Richard Semik)

This Renaissance-style castle has a plot of more than 6 hectares. It has spectacular gardens, orchard, orangerie and museum. Many classify the garden of this castle as the most beautiful in France. It was the last construction in the Loire Valley of Renaissance style.

6. Chateau d'Ussé

If at any time you have seen the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty you will recognize this castle instantly, and it is said that Walt Disney used it as a reference for the creation of some of the palaces that appear in his films.

Château d'Ussé - PHB.cz (Richard Semik)

This castle is not only spectacular because of the imposing and romantic architecture, but also because of the privileged place where it is located. The Château d'Ussé is located on a hill next to a beautiful river and from this magnificent place you have a perfect view of the Chinon forest.

The Loire Valley is a dream place. If you are passionate about history you should definitely find the time and visit this wonderful place even once in a lifetime. History, dreams and romanticism come alive in each of these spectacular castles and mansions. The 6 castles that we just showed you are just a small sample of everything you can see in the Loire Valley. You dare?

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