A getaway to Gibraltar

Gibraltar is strategically located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a colony that officially belongs to the British government since it signed the Treaty of Utrech with Spain. In fact, this nation is the only one with which this tiny surface has a border. However, a few kilometers away is the African continent.

That of Gibraltar It has historically been a valuable and coveted site, hence all the towns that have dominated the Peninsula since ancient times would like to conquer it.

How to reach the "Rock"

Gibraltar is a fairly accessible space. For the Spaniards the most comfortable way to arrive is by car. However, at the time of our entry we will have to take into account that in British territory the direction of circulation is contrary to that of the rest of Europe, that is, that we must be aware at the moment when the change of direction of the March.

Gibraltar - Artur Bogacki

If we prefer to take our trip calmly the ideal would be to approach Gibraltar aboard a ferry, A safe and enjoyable trip. In addition, we will be lucky to enjoy the view of the rock from the sea.

And those who are lovers of walking and hiking can carry out the journey on foot. Of course, it should be aware that, if you want to reach the top, the road will be full of recesses, narrow paths and high slopes. The good thing that the rock is small is that, despite all this, the tour will take just a few hours.

Gibraltar and the Line of the Conception - Artur Bogacki

If none of these options satisfy us we always have the option of taking a plane, since Gibraltar, despite its tiny size, has an airport.

Shopping in Gibraltar

The main street of the city, Main Street, is a mandatory stop. Thousands of travelers arrive every day who wish to acquire memories of their stay or who simply wish to browse among the electronics, garments, cosmetics and watches shops open there by privileged brands and high-end businesses.

Main Street, Gibraltar - Ralph / Flickr.com

Those who are interested in goldsmithing and handicrafts can go to Casamate Street, space where you will find establishments dedicated to the sale of glass. In them you can enjoy the different demonstrations that are held there in which blowers show their talent.

"It's nice to have money and things that money can buy, but it's also nice to have things that money can't buy."

-George Horace Lorimer-

Purchases are tax free, something that will excite the most consumers.

The natural reserve of the rock

A curious and charming population of monkeys

The upper part of the rock is protected, since it is a nature reserve. And it is there where the hiker will find the most striking and important spaces at ecological level.

Of all this What most attracts attention is a population of monkeys who have settled there whose presence seems to be very integrated in the area. Experts do not know how these animals arrived, and there are lots of stories about the issue that circulate around the population in this regard.

Gibraltar - Botond Horvath

As a curiosity, it should be noted that they form the only community of apes that are allowed to roam freely throughout Europe. These vivacious and playful beings have reached such a level of popularity that they are usually visited by tourists from all over the planet.

If we feel like going to see them, it is necessary to keep in mind that if we get too close they can be unpredictable and his unexpected reactions can be dangerous.

The cave of San Miguel, a safe historical hiding place

One of the most extraordinary finds that explorers find on their trip through Gibraltar is the cave of San Miguel, called by the British as St. Michael's Cave. This grotto is nestled in the highest area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis protected part.

St. Michael's Cave, Gibraltar - Philip Lange

Its roofs and floors are invaded by an outstanding forest formed by stalactites and stalagmites that has been created there because of the continuous filtration of water.

The cave was discovered several centuries ago and it was the Muslims who used it for the first time. Moreover, remnants of the old wall that start from its interior can still be seen. During World War II she was assigned to the hospital function due to her withdrawal.

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