How to make the first trip as a couple perfect

The time has come, the occasion to make a trip as a couple, the first. Single thinking about making the first trip with your love leads you to imagine romantic scenarios, living idyllic moments without comparison. But, if it is the first trip together, it will not hurt to consider some aspects to make sure everything goes as you have dreamed.

Remember that the first trip as a couple is the time to share moments together outside the daily routine; but also It is the opportunity to know the true personality of your partner, their tastes, aspects that please and annoy you. It is best to be clear that the most important thing is to have fun, enjoy the trip and learn to tolerate some other things.

Tips for your first trip as a couple

Here are some tips that can help you make your dream come true:

1. The couple

The couple is the main thing of the trip, both must be predisposed to want to enjoy the trip in an atmosphere of romanticism. What is there to do? It is evident, to think only of enjoying, of having a good time, forgetting about problems. Thinking only of the two for a few days will help make the trip a success.

"We learn to love not when we find the perfect person, but when we get to see a perfect person perfectly."

-Sam Keen-

2. Choose the destination

When planning the trip, the most important step is to choose the destination. It is best to choose a place that you both want to visit, That inspires you to have unforgettable moments. It is convenient to think about it, take some time to find that corner that has everything you want: natural parks, white sand beaches and turquoise waters, monuments, good food, etc.

Dead Horse Point National Park, Utah - Lissandra Melo

If one wants a mountain and the other beach, we must strive to find a place that combines both elements. But you always have to think about places that can be traveled and enjoy peacefully, Avoiding stress A beach is perfect to rest a little and do some fun activity, but relax in a mountain landscape where you can walk together, it is also very attractive.

3. Budget

The budget is also a very important factor that will facilitate the choice of place. After closing an expense limit ensuring transport and accommodation, it is necessary to devote some time to elaborate a plan with the activities that you want to carry out or the places that you want to visit. This way it is easier to avoid extra expenses.

4. Neither calm nor stressful

In the itinerary, It is advisable to avoid extremes, that the trip is neither too quiet nor too moved. A lot of tranquility can make you miss civilization and a lot of movement can cause a feeling of stress that can end up in discussions.


Choose a destination that has activities but in which you can also relax. There are many places in Europe that are picturesque and offer activities such as sports or beach days and also invite you to enjoy a quiet time as a couple.

5. Realistic expectations

When the expectations about the trip are very high they can cause that the activities are not as spectacular as they had imagined. You must have a realistic enthusiasm to enjoy the trip without looking for perfect moments or perfect activities for both, this will make the trip more special.

Eddie Puskarich

6. Plan together

When you want to plan the activities, what to do, where to go or what to buy, The best thing is to do it as a couple and give a little to the other. It is best to find a balance in the activities to cover the interests of both. If he likes museums, spend a day getting to know them, and the same if you prefer outdoor activities.

7. Surprise your partner

Surprising your partner is something that can be very goodOf course, it all depends on how much you are known. Do you need ideas? A gift upon arrival at the hotel, some surprise tickets to go to a show of your liking, etc.

Prepare an activity for both during the day or night, nourishes the holidays with more memories and special moments together, one surprise can be highly valued by the other.

8. Record the special moments

Registering the special moments will allow them to, at the end, the trip you can relive the best moments. Taking photos, videos, shopping, looking for memories, etc. is ideal, especially in the first trip made as a couple

Perpetuate with a photograph or a video that dinner, the walks and the activities you did together. Those are the memories that will remain and that will mark part of the history of your relationship.

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